Your Wife’s Secret Desire

Pick-Me-Candy-HeartIt’s a desire that she has been forced to squelch for years and years…

It just wouldn’t be proper for her to express her heart’s secret desire.

You should know that this desire is at the core of ALL her fantasies…

Whether she ever tells you about them or not, these fantasies are waltzing across the dance floor of her mind constantly.

She’s had this desire for a really, really long time…

In fact, if you were to go back in time, all the way back to when she was a little girl out on the playground…

There were two team captains…they were picking players for their respective team…and there she was…a little girl, her pony-tails bouncing, jumping up and down, waving her arms in the air, and shouting:

“Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!”

And now, she doesn’t jump up and down. Now, she doesn’t wave her arms around in the air. Now, she doesn’t say a word…

But inside of her, there’s a voice that’s every bit as urgent as when she was a little girl that’s crying out:

“Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!”

The only difference is that instead of wanting some team captain to pick her for a mere game, she now wants a strong, masculine MAN to “pick” her.

To her, there’s nothing else that excites and satisfies her like being singled out and picked by a MAN does.

Her heart yearns to be that girl who gets chosen by a MAN. This is your wife’s secret desire.

Few men seem to realize or grasp this notion…which is fortunate for you…because if your wife ever did encounter such a man who knew how to play to her secret desire…you’d get to watch and see for yourself just how much of a sexual livewire your wife really is…while you sat out in the cold sidelines.

Unfortunately, some men will find this article AFTER their wife has met up with such a man. Hopefully, you’ve found this article BEFORE your wife meets up with such a man.

Either way, if you wish to win and keep your wife, you must NOW become the man who knows how to fulfill her secret desire…you must NOW become the man who knows how to fulfill her fantasies where in one way or another, you’re her MAN who “picks” her over all the other females around her.

And in doing so, you’ll touch an emotional nerve that runs so deep and so powerful through your wife that you’ll be amazed by her response.

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